You can choose from the a la carte menu or take

    Traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry buffet
    Choice of 2 main dishes chicken, fish, pork, lamb, beef or prawn served with separate bowls of vegetable curries and sambol with basmati rice
    1800 rs per person

    Whole red snapper or para fish baked with whole spices in banana leaves
    1500rs per person

    Lobster or jumbo tiger prawns
    2900 rs per person

    Mixed seafood barbeque lobster, tiger prawns and fish
    3900 rs per person

    Meat barbeque pork chops, chicken, spicy sausage and kebabs
    2500rs per person

    Suckling pig roasted all day on a spit
    4500rs per person
    01.Pumpkin soup - Flavored with a hint of curry leaves
    02. Leek and potato soup - Garnished with a swirl of cream and snipped chives
    03. Mozzarella tomato and onion salad - Drizzled with lemon dressing
    04. Tropical prawn cocktail - Served with seasonal fruit on a bed of crispy salad
    05. Fresh herbed tuna with salad nicoise - Lettuce, tomato, onion, olives and boiled egg drizzled with French dressing
    06. Hot and spicy spare ribs - Baked in the oven
    07. Smooth chicken liver pate - With cucumber chutney
    08. Sri Lankan fishballs - With salad mayonnaise
    09. Caesar salad with bacon - Lettuce, croutons and dressing
    10. Greek salad - Feta cheese and olives with mixed salad
    11. Garlic bread - Fresh bread baked in the oven
    12. Papadoms and mango chutney with onion, cucumber and tomato raita
    01. Sri Lankan cuttlefish with spicy tomato sauce - Served on a bed of pasta
    02. Pork Ananas - Pork in a mild pineapple curry
    03. Seer fish steak or fillet - Served with red wine sauce, real chips and fresh salad
    04. Chicken mango - Chicken breasts served with spicy mango sauce, salad and rice
    05. Roast chicken with orange - Served with roast potatoes and vegetables
    06. Pork chops - Marinated with a spicy barbeque sauce with fried potatoes and vegetables
    07. Sizzling garlic prawns - With garlic butter served with rice and mixed salad
    08. Moussaka - Minced lamb and aubergines baked in the oven the Geek way with a thick white sauce served with rice and salad
    09. Classic Lasagne Al forne - Italian baked lasagne served with mixed salad
    10. Beef and pineapple kebabs with jalpeano and red onion - Served with salad and rice
    11. Devilled chicken, fish, pork, sausage or prawns - Served with rice spicy or very spicy
    12. Sri Lankan traditional curry with fish, pork, prawns or chicken - Served with rice, papadoms and chutney
    01. Warm chocolate cake - Served with vanilla ice cream
    02. Banana split - Served with choice ice cream, fresh cream and kitul treacle
    03. Tropical fruit salad - Served with fresh cream
    04. Knickerbocker Glory - Fresh fruit, mixed icecream with syrup chocolate flake
    05. Pancakes with orange and cinnamon syrup - Served with vanilla ice cream
    06. Ice cream sundae - Layers of vanilla, chocolate and mango ice cream drizzled with syrup
    07. Banana fritters - Served hot with vanilla ice cream
    08. Banoffi Pie - Ginger base with toffee topping served
    09. Pineapple delight - Warm pineapple slices with honey
    10. Fresh buffalo curd - Served with kitul treacle
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